12 October 2020 – Sunny and 60

There is always pressure this time of year when the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting cooler.  Winter is coming.  We are preparing.

We finished the loafing shed for the spoiled cows with the exception of one corner because we ran out of trim.  This was not a planning error, but rather a change in plans as we decided to add the silver trim to the front too.  


Because we live in the country and far away from most convenient things, we had to place another order for trim with a company in Rapid City.  We should be able to pick it up and completely finish the shed this week. We’re calling it the Hidden Cow Palace because it cannot be seen from the road. And it’s for cows.  And it’s kind of a palace.

Dave and I have stayed busy gathering and splitting and stacking firewood. Stacking firewood in the woodshed is the spookiest of Halloween-time jobs.  There are all sorts of critters in there.  There are millions and billions of spiders and webs.  I’m sure there are some snakes living under the pallets. Something rodent-like has several furry nests buried in between the sticks.  When we started stacking the wood a bat flew out and nearly hit me in the head! I guess it is the season to get creeped out…..yuck! 

We have had such dry weather that there is nothing left in the pastures for the cows to graze, so we actually have been feeding hay for a couple weeks.  We try to plan for 180 days of feed because it’s likely that we can have a blizzard in May so Nov-May is the feeding season.  This year we’re feeding in September so it’s possible we will have to buy even more hay. That’s okay though.  There are several ranchers that aren’t too far away that had much better hay seasons than we did and we are always happy to do business with other ranchers.

Dave and I goofed off one day this month. (Actually we goofed off every day, but we designated one specific day to goofing off.) We went to the Buffalo Round-up Art Show at Custer State Park.  The Round-up is quite spectacular but we have done that before and the traffic is horrific, especially when we’re used to zero traffic.  We beat the crowds from the round-up and went to the art show.  Then we met up with our favorite Fish-n-Chips food truck that swings through Custer every few months.  You know they’re good when the line goes all the way down the block.

And that wraps up September.  Wait until you see how exciting October has been so far in the next blog!