19 Jan 2020 – Sunny and 41 degrees

Wow it is windy out there today! Sometimes we wonder if we should have went with windmills instead of solar power, but the sun is shining too so we’ve got that going for us. We have been working in the barn framing up some stalls.  Actually, Dave has been doing the planning, framing, and building and I am more like the assistant, getting him tools from time to time, holding the dumb end of the tape measure, starting the generator for the power tools, keeping the dog from chasing the cat.  Maybe I was doing a little bit of work, too.

Corner of one barn stall

We also painted and put up some boards in our corral.  We have been using the movable cattle panels, but we are always trying to get a more permanent structure in place and that all takes time and money.  We started with these two sections, and when the weather warms up and we get back into summer working shape we will dig more holes, put in more posts, and string some more boards.  Our goal is to get the corral to be functional without having to move panels any time we change things.

This winter has been incredibly mild.  I’m almost scared to write that since we have quite a few months of winter in front of us, but wow, we have been in the high 30s and low 40s a lot more than we were the first two winters out here. We probably would have really appreciated this when we were in the camper, but we’ll take it  now. The forecast even has us in the high 40s for the next ten days so we plan on breaking out our shorts and flip-flops.  The cows are loving it, too, and have only come into the barn to sleep once or twice. They also have been discussing shorts, flip-flops and even Hawaiian shirts.

Lucky enjoying her breakfast in the sunshine

Life is just a little easier when it isn’t completely frigid.  It is still pretty cold in the mornings and we usually have to break ice on the water tanks, but the ice isn’t that thick and it doesn’t take us that long. Instead we get to spend more chore time walking around the herd and making sure everyone is looking okay. This has made all the cows terrible pests. We cannot walk up to any of them without them running toward us and sniffing at all of our pockets to see if we might have some cake.  If we don’t give out cake, then they usually give an indignant snort and blow cow-boogers all over us, and then turn and walk away.  They are spoiled, fat, and happy I hope.

The Dirty Dozen chowin’ down

We have also been gathering some firewood.  Even though the temperatures have been nice, there is still a bit of snow on the ground, especially in the wooded areas and that makes getting the wood a little harder.  Especially walking back and forth to the splitter in the snow.  I think the Olympics should really consider wood-gathering as a new sport.  The object would be to fill the trailer with wood that you cut, split and load in the least amount of time. Dave and I would most likely NOT qualify for the team, but we would be willing to let any contestants do their trial runs out here and fill the woodshed in the process. It’s gotta be more entertaining than the luge, right?  (Sorry any readers that are lugers…..I doubt there are any of you reading anyway.)

The area we were gathering wood in the snow
Most used trailer in South Dakota

The only critter out here that isn’t loving the warm weather is the Sheriff.  Joey can never get enough snow.  When we go out in the morning, his nose goes to the ground, then he bends down walking while rubbing his face across the snow.  The next two steps have him sliding on his side down the driveway and then he just lies on his back in the snow until we make him get up. It’s a bonus if he has a bone or a string to chew on, he would stay there all day.

Joey’s version of a relaxing morning

That’s about it from the Holler.  We hope everyone out there in the real world is having a pleasant winter too, and if not, remember there are only two more full moons before spring!

View from the water tank in the morning