21 March 2019 – Sunny and highs in the upper 50’s…  WOO HOO!

Everyone on the Holler is in a good mood.  The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and there is water everywhere.  We have water in the stock dam which would be really great if it held all year.  We have a river running through our front yard and another in the northern pasture.

So much water in the stock dam. If only it would last all summer!
A river running through the northern pasture.
Sheriff Joe hunting in the snow next to the stock dam.


The cows are fat and happy.  They have been soaking in the sunshine in the afternoon and laying in the fields.

Fat and Happy Cows relaxing in the warmer weather.
Patsy off laying by herself….is she getting ready to calve or just annoyed with all the other ladies?

The bees are buzzing.  Despite my doom and gloom attitude of once again believing they did not survive the winter, both hives have been exhibiting a lot of activity since the temperatures have warmed up.  I was worried several weeks ago when there was so much snow on the ground and the temperatures had been so low.  When it finally warmed a bit, I went to check the exterior of the hives and it looked like someone had vacuumed all the bees out, killed them and dumped them in the snow.

I am assuming they had just been hiding so long from the cold that they had to take advantage of the warm day and dump out all the dead.  I really hope that we have some good foraging for them this summer. In about 6 weeks I will begin planting things, including some plants especially for them.

None of the cows have had their calves yet, and we are truly grateful that no one decided to give birth during the bomb cyclone that went just south of us.  We really just had a lot of wind and a little snow, but the wet and windy conditions aren’t good for new babies.

The Stagecoach Springs gang has a pool going on which cow will be the first to calve.  The ante is a six pack of beer.  I bet on Rosie today….so if she doesn’t calve today then I’m out a six pack. Linda and Rancher Dave picked Marzee on the 23rd and 27th respectively.  Cowboy has his beer on Rosie but not until the 27th.  Rosie did look pretty fat and happy this morning but does not appear to be bagging up yet so it is not looking good for my beer bet. I still may have a shot at the bonus beer which is a bet on the sex of the calves.

The barn is nearly out of hay.  Maverick is quite ticked that his furniture is all gone, but I think he is enjoying the warmer weather as well.

The only one that isn’t happy about the melting snow is the Sheriff.  He will go out and find the only patch of snow left and roll all over it.  Then he will lay there and refuse to move.  He loves winter!  I think he is considering moving to Alaska for the summer.

IMG_8289 (2)
Sheriff Joe finds one of the remaining spots of snow to cool himself.

That’s about it for March so far.  We hope everyone out there is enjoying spring as much as we are!