26 January 19 – Sunny and Snowing??? High in the 30’s and crazy wind

The Holler is once again covered in white as we have had several dustings of snow in the past few days.  The temperatures really haven’t been too bad, but the wind is really howling which makes the snow drift and also makes it seem much colder than it is.

A beautiful morning for the morning feed!

One consequence of all this wind is the effect it has on the “lanes” that Rancher Dave cleared in the snow.  He clears the lanes as a place for us to feed the cattle so the hay doesn’t get wet and there isn’t a lot of waste.  The wind has caused the snow to drift over the lanes and consequently, there has been a lot of wasted hay.  We decided to remedy this problem by picking up an extra feeder from Cowboy Dave.

Rancher Dave uses Babe to haul the feeder back to the Holler.

We have too many cows right now to feed in one feeder.  They just end up fighting and the less aggressive cows don’t get any food.  Rancher Dave used Babe and brought this other feeder over from the High Lonesome so we could have “slots” for everyone.

Cows at the old and new feeders

This seemed to help with feeding, that is until the cows decided to wait by the feeders at feeding time.  It is nearly impossible to get in there with the Mule while they crowd around and greedily try to get all the hay while we try to put it into the feeder.  Our cows are usually nice and gentle, but when they are hungry they get really pushy. They remind us of all the crazy  people at the buffet line on a cruise ship; they want their biscuits and they want them NOW! They have no fear of me or Dave, but they really don’t like Sheriff Joe  growling and barking at them. We have been working on the “sit/stay” command to keep him in the mule because while his intentions are to help, he really just creates more chaos.  Rancher Dave and I agree that steady, calm demeanors and a lack of chaos s the best way to deal with 20 hungry cows!

img_7951 (2)
Cows at the new feeder


We also put out a new mineral lick to keep them all healthy. It seems like the cows like to prank one another after evening feeding.  The big joke is to trick one of the cows while she is immersed in the lick.  While she is intensely licking away, they all slowly and quietly sneak off to the north and into the woods to shelter for the night.  Inevitably, the lone cow looks up from the lick and appears to freak out.  “Where did everybody go?” The lone cow starts running around and mooing until she gets a whiff of the herd, or she gets eyes on everyone hiding in the woods.  Then she will slow to a walk and start lowly mooing as if to say, “Ha ha, very funny guys.  You got me!”  It is quite funny to watch and strangely enough they seem to prank a different cow every day. You may be wondering how good can cows really be at hiding in the woods, so I ask you, have you ever seen a cow in the trees?  I rest my case.

Meanwhile, we are burning through a ton of wood to keep the house warm.

A significant amount of wood remaining for hopefully not a significant amount of winter remaining.

We are still pretty full up in the wood shed despite reloading the wood box about every three days.  Also, we keep the house in around 75 degrees!  We decided after living in the camper for nearly a year that we don’t have to be cold. After working outside and coming in from the cold, the warmth of the wood stove feels so good that it makes you just want to pass out!

A well deserved nap after a cold day of chores.


Looking forward to February, we will probably need to buy some more hay because we are feeding four more cows than we had anticipated.  We are also planning on starting on building a hay loft in the barn.  We also have to get ready for calving season, although April is the first expected due-date, you never know if someone will show up early!  And, as my Mom and Dad would say, there is only one more full moon until Spring!

The barn in the frosty trees.