8 September 2017 – Sunny and highs in the upper 70s

Here we are in September again.  It is unbelievable how fast time is flying out here on the Holler. We are waking up to cooler temperatures every morning, but the days are quite simply spectacular.  Highs are in the mid-70s and the air is dry.  Perfect working conditions for getting ready for winter and that means firewood.

Tractor Dave, (maybe now it should be Chainsaw Dave) and I have been working at stocking our fancy new woodshed with fuel for the winter.  Back in the spring, you may recall that we had cut a bug tree down that became hung up on the nearby trees.  We worked and worked but we could not get that sucker to fall! When Dave’s brother in law was here they went over with Babe the tractor and pulled that big log down.  They bucked it up and on Monday, Dave and I went back with the truck, trailer, the mule, the log-splitter, and went to work.

We got an entire trailer full of wood, probably a cord and a half!  That might keep us warm for a while.

First of three trailers full of wood


Then on Tuesday, we found another bug tree.  Chainsaw Dave took it down.



Then we went to work again.  More splitting, hauling, stacking etc.  Some of the wood was quite twisty and knotted and did not split well.  In those cases, we took an axe to it and I even got to swing the axe a few times. 

RANDOM SIDENOTE: I do not understand the concept of an “axe murderer.”  Swinging an axe is hard work, and hitting your target takes a fair amount of concentration.  I cannot fathom why a murderer would pick “axe” as the weapon of choice.  Imagine how tired you would be chasing your would-be victim through the woods carrying a heavy axe, and then trying to swing it at someone who could fight back.  I would probably get it stuck in a nearby tree or the ground or bounce it off a rock and hit myself in the foot.  If I am ever on the short list of suspects for murder by axe, I can predict absolutely that I did not do it.  Another random sidenote inspired by too much time in the sun splitting and stacking wood.

And again, on Thursday, we went out and got another bug tree.  Chainsaw Dave has become quite efficient at falling the trees where he wants and bucking them up with his awesome chainsaw. When we finished unloading the trailer, we high-fived each other for getting enough wood (we hope) to heat our house all winter.

We loaded the wood box with some of the remaining wood that was still in the garage from last year, and we loaded kindling in the special kindling section of the woodbox.

Full Woodbox …..ready for cooler weather!


We used Babe to put the woodbox on the porch and now we are ready for the cold weather!

The forecast has 70’s and 80’s for the next ten days and we are fine with that too. We have zero complaints here in South Dakota, especially as we watch Irma wind up down there in the Caribbean.  God Bless all of our friends and family in Florida and on the East Coast, and in Texas.  We are praying for you and hope you all make it through the hurricane season unscathed.