The Road to Nowhere…..Yet

27 July 2017 – Sunny and Highs in the Upper 70’s

Last Thursday was a busy day on the Holler.  We decided to piggy-back on Cowboy Dave’s gravel delivery he had scheduled and order a few loads of gravel for the road that will go around the front of the house to the future site of the barn.  Because we procrastinated (if you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute!) we were rushing around trying to get the big rocks that remained from the house build to make a base layer for the road.

Pilot Dave used Babe to scoop all the rocks and move them to the site.  Cowboy Dave used Bob to smooth out his piles. 

A few hours later, the gravel-man showed up with a truckload of rock.  We explained what we wanted to do and he said, “No problem.”  He drove to the gate and started dumping gravel and about 5 seconds later we had a road. 

We think it looks pretty darn good!

The New Road
Another View of the New Road


We spent most of the afternoon doing what we always do:  picking up and moving rocks.  Dave used the tractor to add some “curbs” to keep the gravel from spilling out of the low spots.

I have been working on a stone pathway that goes from the west porch to the front porch.

Rock Path


Dave isn’t too happy with me moving all these heavy rocks.  He is still on restriction from lifting anything over 30lbs and expressed his concern that I shouldn’t be doing so much heavy lifting.  I told him not to worry, my Indian name is “Strong Like Bull.”  He said it should be “Stubborn Like Goat.”  After working in the hot sun moving rocks all day we both agree my name actually should be “Smell Like Goat.” Anyway, I have the path in the order I want, I just need to put in some leveling sand and shift the rocks over to their permanent location.

To top off the busy Thursday, my new Bee-Mentor, Peyton, came over to look at my hive and tell me if it was going well or if I was screwing up royally.  Fortunately, he said the bees look good and healthy.

 I was a little disappointed when­­­ he said I probably won’t get any honey this year, but that is normal for a first-year hive.  He said I could take some honey but the bees probably wouldn’t survive on what they have so far.  If that was my intention I would have just bought a bunch of honey and not bothered with the bees.  My hope is to get them through the winter and if all goes well I can harvest a mother-lode of the golden stuff next year.  Until then, there is always something new and exciting to do here at the Holler.  Don’t forget to holler at us if you find yourselves up this way!