23 June 2017 – Sunny and highs in the lower 60’s

The alfalfa, the oats, and all the wild grasses are about knee high along Stagecoach Springs, so it is time to do some haying.  We are working with our neighbors to get the job done.  Shari has the mower and the baler, and has offered the use of both in exchange for haying her fields too.

Cowboy Dave’s “Bob” Bobcat Tractor and Mower followed by Babe and the Baler
Same equipment, different view

Cowboy Dave and Pilot Dave greased up all the moving parts and got the mower up and running. Then Cowboy Dave used his tractor and the mower to cut his fields.


Meanwhile, Pilot Dave greased up the baler and attached it to our tractor (aka Babe…the tractor, not Pilot Dave). 

After letting the cut hay dry out for a day it was time to bale.  Pilot Dave used Babe and pulled the baler, Cowboy Dave, Linda, and I were the clean-up/pick-up crew.  We used the Kawasaki Mules to stack bales and put them up in Cowboy’s shed.  We also did a lot of raking in the corners of the fields to make sure none of the hay went to waste.

Hay Wagon!


We ended up getting 149 bales of hay, 15 of which the twine broke and the bales became piles of hay.  Still, it isn’t a bad start for winter feeding. 

We are expecting rain, so we are going to cut and bale oats during the next dry spell, likely Sunday and Monday.  Here is where Pilot Dave sewed his wild oats… ha ha.

IMG_3672 (2)
Two farmers were outstanding in their field……


Now the oats are “headed out” which means they have actual oats on the tops of the stems.  They are over two Keystone cans high and will make some great food for the cows.

IMG_3673 (2)
Over Two Keystones High



We have been working hard and eating a lot of frozen pizza as we have been finishing work around 7:30 at night and are too tired to cook.  We have a few more days of cutting and baling after we finish the oats; we will do Shari’s property and then we will likely try to cut some of the natural grasses on the northern part of ours.  We have Western Wheat and Timothy growing up there, but it has never been mowed so first we will have to go through it and pick up all the rocks.

Well, maybe not ALL the rocks!

Rock (aka Hudson) in the center of the field we plan to mow.  I think we’ll leave this one there.


That’s all now from the Holler.  We hope everyone is having a good summer!IMG_3645