27 May 2017 – Cloudy and highs in the upper 50’s

I haven’t posted in a long time, but as I mentioned before….Spring is for working!  We have been really busy working on a ton of spring projects.

First, we built two H’s, one on each end of the southern property line,  and put in a gate at the southeast corner.

Then we put in T-posts. 

Then we strung barbed wire using a spinning-jenny on the back of the mule. 

Spinning-jenny on the back of the mule stringing out the barbed wire.

We clipped the wires to the T-posts and now we have a new fence.  It all sounds so easy and it really isn’t complicated, it just takes time and effort.

IMG_3354 (2)
1/4 mile of fence complete!

We also put a fence around the garden. We used left-over 14 gage wire from the chicken coop and t-posts from the fence project.  We found an old gate in the junk yard and the garden, railroad ties and all, has not cost a single penny.  We have potatoes and turnips and wild onions growing!

New garden gate. (Not snow, but ashes in the garden to balance out the pH.)

The builders returned to put the final touches on the house.  Now that we have steps on the front and side porches, Dave and I did some landscaping. We also stained the steps.

IMG_3359 (2)
Stained steps and a lot of smoothed out dirt.

In full disclosure, it has not been all work and no play around here.  We did go to a rancher’s dinner in Edgemont, which was sponsored by a cattle-drug company representative.  We learned all about inoculating and “pouring” de-wormer on cattle to keep them healthy and make sure they reach their full growth potential. We also learned about hormonal implants which are injected into the ears of cows to help them get big and fat.  It was really interesting and of course they fed us beef!

Yesterday, Dave and I went to Hot Springs for their Wine and Putt-putt golf walk.  We paid $10 for a souvenir wine glass and strolled around the town in and out of the shops sampling wine and appetizers, and some of the shops had putt-putt golf holes that you played for prizes. It was pouring down rain the entire evening, but this is South Dakota, so the locals were undeterred and there was a nice sized crowd.  We splashed around town and had a few sips of wine, and enjoyed a fun night out after so many days working here on the Holler.

The weather has been cool and rainy. March and April were pretty mild, but May has been chilly and wet!

IMG_3350 (2)
Storm cloud over the house.

The payoff is the stunning green grass and wild flowers. The oats are sprouting and the field looks amazing!

The bees have been enjoying the rocky mountain irises, Indian paint brushes and the “butter and eggs” wild flowers.

Summer is coming and it is going to be beautiful!