8 May 2017 – highs in upper 70’s

This picture is from 10 days ago.

Dave using the tractor to plow out

This picture is today!

Spring Calf!

Our weather has changed a little bit and we are enjoying the warm temps. We have been doing a lot of work around the Holler.

We finally had warm enough weather to stain the decks.

We have been finishing up the mobile chicken coop. It has become the project from Hades. We decided to put left-over siding from the house on the coop to make it look nice. Dave is pretty particular about cutting the angles and ensuring everything lines up and is level and square. I definitely appreciate his perfectionist attitude, although I keep reminding him the hens probably won’t complain. If those chickens crab about a gap in the siding, we will send them straight to the stew-pot! Seriously, I think taking the extra time was worth it and the coop looks great.

And of course, there are always fences to mend.

A herd of elk took out this portion of the fence on one of the northern pastures and Cowboy Dave and Pilot Dave fixed it up with some old barbed wire.

Hercules and Arrow supervised.

There are three new baby calves across the road. They were all born this week. All girls! And everyone seemed to have an easy time of it; even the heifers (which means they had not calved before) didn’t require any assistance. And all three new moms are being good and diligent mothers, which is not always the case. They must know Mother’s Day is coming up. (I didn’t get a picture of Rose and her calf Daisy…apparently they weren’t feeling very photogenic when I had my camera.)

Muzzle and calf named Black Cherry
Honey and calf named Honey-Bee

The next big project is putting up ¼ mile barbed wire fence on the southern property line. If anyone would like to come visit Hoten Holler and attend a free fencing clinic, now would be a great time. Just bring some working gloves and some sunblock and we’ll provide the tools and the Keystone Light.