13 March 2017 – cloudy and high of 32

We sold some things on Craig’s List, and the people that came to pick up the goods commented, “You sure are isolated out here.” They said it like it was a bad thing. Silly city slickers! We love the country life so far and while some things are more difficult, the rewards far outweigh the difficulties.

One thing we enjoy is the wildlife. We have an amazing variety of birds. Here are two blue birds, the pictures do not do them justice.

Female bluebird on the left, male on the right

Here is a gigantic hawk that was sitting on top of the tree outside the yard. Again, the pics do not do it justice, he (or she) was BIG!

Hawk on top of tree

We also put out the game camera in multiple areas. We have spotted coyotes and deer, and so far no mountain lions.050508000518330005334700

On the more domestic level, we enjoy watching the cow antics. Our neighbor, Shari, has a pasture adjacent to our southern one, and we like watching her cows come over to graze.

Happy Hour!

We joke that they come for happy hour because they always show up around 4PM and leave around 6PM, but only on Monday through Thursday. I guess they don’t have the same happy hour specials on the weekend.

Now it might sound really lame to sit around watching cows, but they really can be quite entertaining. Sometimes there is even a bar brawl and a big fight breaks out between several of the cows and the rest of the herd chases them around rooting for one heifer or another. On rare occasion, a straggler gets stuck in happy hour mode and can be seen doing the walk of shame up and over the hill the next morning.

And people think we’re isolated!

As a bonus, here are some pics of the awesome frost (hoar frost) we had during a fog last week.