23 February – Snowing, blowing 20 knots+, highs in the mid 20’s

Our February thaw has come to an end but we thoroughly enjoyed and took advantage of the last 10 days of great weather.  We hired the movers and they hauled all of our stuff out of storage, onto a truck, off of the truck, and into the house.  Thanks to the warm and windy weather the mud dried up and they were able to maneuver the moving truck next to the walk-in basement doors.

This was important for moving the gun safe downstairs.  The turn around the leech field was fairly tight so Dave took down part of the barbed-wire fence on the west side so they could pull out. Since we have become pretty adept at putting up fence, this was not a big problem.

We have spent the last week unpacking boxes, putting together furniture, washing linens that were packed away for 10 months, and trying to get the house to a more home-like condition.  We really hope that we will NEVER move again!  Home is where the heart is, but it is nice when your stuff is there too!

While unpacking boxes, we found our old flight helmets.  We thought we would play a joke on Cowboy Dave since he has decorated the entrance of Stagecoach Springs with old cowboy memorabilia.  He placed cowboy boots on the posts at the entrance and several old wood-carved signs posted along the way. It all has an old western feel.

We put our helmets on the fence posts at the entrance to the southern part of the road. We wanted to add some pilot culture to the locale.  There goes the neighborhood!

Cowboy Dave thought this was quite funny, and so did we.

We also took advantage of the weather the last two days and cut fire wood.  Then we hauled it back to the house.  Then we split it.  Then we stacked it.  Then we were too tired to make real supper so we had Drunk-girl Nachos and Keystone Light at the kitchen bar. (Drunk-girl Nachos are just tortilla chips microwaved with shredded cheese, then topped with jalapenos, salsa and sour cream.  They are a convenient snack when you are out of energy or just have no other options.) Then we both fell asleep on the sofa while watching a movie. 

Drunk Girl Nachos and Keystone Light


Seriously, cutting and hauling wood is exhausting! Yesterday was really a beast because we ran into trouble cutting down a dead bug-tree.  The danged thing simply refused to fall.  Dave got his chainsaw blade caught at one point, so we headed back to the house to find the come-along, some moving straps, and any other implements we thought might help to fall that stupid tree! Finally, after pulling and prying, the chainsaw came out and the tree fell.

Of course it didn’t fall in the desired direction and became lodged on top of some other trees and the base of the severed trunk remained on top of the stump.  We reattached the straps and the come-along and got the base off of the stump, but the tree remains wedged in the treetops.  In this battle of man vs. tree we have to call it a tie.  The tree fell, but we didn’t get any wood out of it ……YET.  It is extremely windy today so it may help dislodge it. Also, we can be quite stubborn and determined so when the snow clears up and we can get back out there, we will get that sucker, chop him up, and burn him up in the wood stove!  To be continued…..

Back at the house, we split and stacked firewood.  We put together two pallets for Cowboy Dave for letting us use his splitter. firewood2

We think we are good on wood for the winter, and likely have a good start on next year.  It is supposed to be cold for the next five days and we have plenty to do with unpacking and organizing the basement.  I’m sure we will also be busy shoveling snow and sweeping solar panels, but just one more full moon and then it will be spring.