4 March 2017 – partly cloudy, windy, high of 49°

It is so nice to be in the house.  We are loving it!  It’s warm, quiet, and comfortable.  We are still living in a little clutter from the move, but slowly getting things put away, forgetting where we put them, and eventually finding them again.  Some luxuries we have been without for almost a year include an oven, laundry at home, and internet!

We were happy to find that most things survived the move relatively unscathed.  The worst surprise was when we started the washing machine we ended up with water all over the laundry room floor.  Dave was able to take it apart and find a crack in the drain pump assembly.  We ordered a new one from the local appliance store and were back in business in a few days.  Also, we had to get the dryer hooked up from the propane company, since an electric dryer would not work well with solar power.  Now I can actually wash clothes in my own house, and dry them inside (not on a clothesline over a snow drift!).  Oh the simple things!

The month of March is looking to be busy.  Dave’s latest project is figuring out how to hang Johnny Cash in the great room.  Johnny Cash is the name we gave the elk he shot in Rifle, Colorado in 2012.  It makes a beautiful mount and goes great with the western décor of the house, but hanging it is going to be a challenge because we want to hang it on the prow where two walls come together.  Johnny Cash has a flat back where he hangs from, so Dave has to come up with a way to affix it in this corner.

Dave had a left-over piece of timber frame he wanted to use to make a base for the elk mount.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have a saw that could cut through the thick piece of timber.  He took it to the local lumber mill and they didn’t have a saw that would work either. They said they could cut it with a chainsaw.   Dave said he could cut it himself with a chainsaw, and he and Cowboy Dave went to work on that.  It didn’t turn out as they wanted. The new plan is to use some nice pieces of lumber and to finish the bottom of the mount to cover the gap in the corner.  More to come on this project. 

We planted some seeds for the garden inside, hoping to be able to transplant to the outdoors in 8-10 weeks for the short growing season.  Linda, our neighbor, has had great success with her garden here and I plan to bother her a lot for advice and coaching! Since the weather is warming up, we need to get out there and spread some dirt and till out the rocks for the garden bed.  Here is the before picture.  More to come on this project as well.

The other goal this spring is to get a beehive up and running.  I have been in contact with the local bee guy and will be ordering the hive and the bees next week.  More to come on this project, too!

Meanwhile, we are enjoying the beautiful South Dakota sunrises and sunsets.  We also find some time for goofing off and target practice from the deck!

South Dakota Sunrise
Zombies beware!