15 February 2017

Sunny and highs in the mid 50s!!! Woot Woot!!!

Did anyone have a good Valentine’s Day?  We sure did.  We have been enjoying several days of sunny and warm weather.  I even washed the truck yesterday, although I’m not sure that was the brightest of ideas since we live on a dirt road and the melting snow has made it quite muddy. We are looking forward to even higher temps (low 60s) through the end of next week. 

Dave and I thought we would take advantage of the warm spell and schedule the moving and delivery of our furniture and things out of storage and to the house.  We have been grabbing boxes and odds and ends when we go to Rapid, but some of things in storage are really heavy.  While I am convinced that Dave can move anything by sheer goat stubbornness – I mean will power, I don’t really want to participate in trying to maneuver some of the weighty, bulky items out of storage, onto a truck, off of a truck, up on the porch and into the house.  Also, it will be nice just to get everything done all at once. We have scheduled the big move for this Friday, the 17th.

One key thing needs to happen before the movers get here, and we are counting on the 3-foot snow drift on the west side of the house to be GONE so they can drive the truck down to the basement to unload the gun safe.  While most of that snow has melted, there are several inches of pure ice right in the spot needed for travel.  Also, once that ice melts it is going to be a muddy, sloppy pit.  Yesterday, Dave and I decided to try to bust up some of it and shovel the area to speed along the melting process. 

We were able to get a lot of the area clear, but it isn’t completely passable yet.  Come on sunshine!!!

I will rewind a bit and fill in some of the happenings over the past week.  After a ton of snow last Wednesday, we went to Rapid on Thursday to do some furniture shopping.  We needed to buy a sofa and chair for the main room, as we sold ours before we left Florida.  Everything else we pretty much have, but we were getting really tired of sitting on lawn chairs.  Neither of us particularly likes furniture shopping (does anyone like furniture shopping?), but we rallied and were optimistic we would find something we would both like. We spent all day going from store to store, sitting on couches and chairs, dodging pushy, stalker-like sales people when we could.  And we found……exactly nothing! Ugh. We went by the storage unit and picked up another load of boxers and headed back up the hill.

Shortly after arriving home, our first houseguest arrived.  Veto!

Veto – eyes glowing!!

Todd, our builder, was going out of town and I told him we would dog-sit anytime. Our house is basically Veto’s second home since Todd started building it several weeks after getting Veto as a young little puppy. Veto goes everywhere Todd goes, so he was here every day the builders were here and I love him.  He was a great little house guest and easily entertained by taking him to Cowboy Dave and Linda’s to party with Hercules and Arrow.  This wore him out completely and he slept and slept every evening and all night.  Good dog!

Veto went home Sunday night, and Dave and I contemplated strategy to re-attack the furniture situation.  We were going to Hot Springs (much closer than Rapid) on Monday to pick up some steaks from the Black Hills Meat Company and decided to visit the local Ace Hardware because they have a small selection of furniture for sale.  We were really pleased to find a sofa, love seat, and chair that would fit nicely in the house, and the budget! Even better, no one at Ace followed us around and tried to sell us on anything.  They just let us look.  Also, the manager there was so nice, she gave us her best price and charged us $20 bucks for delivery. What a bargain…..and they delivered it the very next day.

We are still playing with the arrangement, but we like the furniture.  It is really strange how easy it is to take for granted the little things in life, but sitting on an actual sofa after months of sitting at a camper table or in a lawn chair, feels like a little slice of heaven.

For Valentine’s Day, we hosted our first dinner party in the house.  We invited Cowboy Dave and Linda, and Hercules and Arrow to come over for dinner.  It was nice having guests, especially since we now have an actual place for people to sit!  Pilot Dave grilled steaks on the deck, we had sweet potatoes, salad, and Linda brought green beans with bacon and spätzle!

Dave’s grill on the deck….not a bad view!

I made a tiramisu, but we were too full to have dessert.  Ahhhh…..breakfast tiramisu!tiramisu

We had a really fun evening, talking, relaxing, eating and drinking wine. There was also some singing by Cowboy Dave, who really enjoyed the acoustics of his voice in the great room.  The doggies were so good and relaxed and happy.  The people were also pretty good and relaxed and happy.