7 February 2017

Sunny and High of 47°F

We are still without cable or satellite television so we decided to head to the nearest bar to watch the big game.  That would be the Hitch-Rail Bar in Pringle, SD.  Pringle is probably the smallest town I have ever seen.  There is the Hitch-Rail, the Mercantile (which is fairly new), and the Post Office.  There is also a giant bicycle sculpture, a car up on the cliff over-looking the little town, and a stuffed mountain lion on one of the Main Street Buildings (sorry no pictures of the latter two at this time).

The HitchRail!
Bicycle Art


Pringle is the closest town to the homestead; it is about 6.5 miles north of here and you can run there on the Mickelson trail, provided you keep an eye out for mountain lions. Any of you readers that visit us will definitely get to dine at the Hitch-Rail and try their fantastic burgers and hand cut fries. If you really want to experience the local culture, you can try the buffalo burgers or the Rocky Mountain Oysters! 

Anyway, we drove up there to have a burger and see the game.  The parking lot was packed and we walked in the bar door and were lucky enough to grab two seats at the bar.  The barmaid said, “What can I get ya?” and we ordered some beers and said we were probably just going to have burgers.  She said, “The kitchen is closed.”  And we were really disappointed….for just a second.  She said, “There is plenty of food in the other room, help yourselves!”  We walked over to the restaurant side of the building and saw a gigantic buffet table set up with tons of Super Bowl food.  It turns out, the Hitch Rail hosts the Super Bowl Potluck for the town of Pringle and surrounding areas.  All the locals (except us!) brought jalapeno poppers, chili, wings, lil’ smokies, cheese, sausage, crackers, macaroni salad and even lasagna.  Dave and I were a little hesitant to partake as we hadn’t brought anything besides our appetites.  We expressed this to the barmaid and asked if they were taking donations or anything.  She said, “Are you kidding?  Go eat, enjoy yourselves and have fun!  It’s the Super Bowl party…duh!” So we did and next year we will know better.

The bar was full of locals, and while not the most outgoing, everyone was friendly to us and we enjoyed the atmosphere and the game. We left at halftime to avoid the dark drive home and the deer.  It was a really fun way to spend the evening and at $3/beer….not an expensive night out!

Today, Todd is testing the air tightness of the house.  We came in at a 0.6, and while I don’t know what that number actually is, from what I understand that is pretty good for the industry standard.  It is not his best, however, because we have a big hole in the roof for the stove pipe.  Consequently, his number isn’t as low as he would have liked but it exceeds most peoples’ expectations and we are quite happy.  We have no questions about the insulation of this house  as we have been plenty warm on the coldest of nights.

The guys are moving their hot house, the bobcat, and the rest of their heavy equipment to their next build site.

We are sad to see them go, but it is time.   And it isn’t a complete goodbye yet…they still have some little things to do here.  Dave and I also want to host the construction crew at a little party in the future to say Thanks!  Also, we think it would be really cool for the guys’ wives and/or girlfriends to get to come and see what they have built here. 

So here we are, Super Bowl Monday, and off to another great week.  Since it was so warm, Dave and I cleaned out the camper completely.  We dusted everything, vacuumed, swept, and cleared out every last remnant of our existence there.  Unfortunately, there were two dead mice in the traps…gross!  At least it has been cold so they probably just froze as soon as they were trapped, and there was no bad odor.  I guess we will have to keep checking the camper for mice now that we are no longer in there every day.  Or we could just put a very hungry cat and a litter box in there. Hmmmmmm…….

PS – Arrow (Cowboy’s dog) says Hello!