8 January 2017 – Sunny and 37° – Woot Woot!

We are basking in sunshine today.  It feels like summertime after the bitter cold week we had.  I even went running today for the first time this year!  Last week was ridiculously cold. (HOW COLD WAS IT?) It was so cold that …

          I chipped a tooth on my soup.

          Even the gangsters had to pull up their pants.

          We had to crawl inside the freezer to warm up.

          Hitchhikers were holding up pictures of thumbs.

          We had to chisel the dog off the fire hydrant.

          The polar bears all put on their long underwear.

          A can of tuna fish in the camper cupboard actually froze solid. (no joke, this is for real!)

          The antifreeze rated to -50 actually froze solid!

I’m inviting comments here.  If anyone has a good answer to the HOW COLD WAS IT? joke then please respond.  We could use the laughs!

Other unfortunate events include the failure of the refrigerator in the camper. Fortunately, we have hooked up our real fridge in the house so we just have to run back and forth when we get hungry. It’s the perfect diet for the New Year; exercise required to eat!   We are killing that poor camper one piece at a time.  The jack, the frozen water pump, the drains, and now the fridge.  Knock on wood, the heater still works like a champ.

Despite the cold and fridge busting we are really happy this weekend!  The hearth has been completed for the wood stove and it looks awesome!

Quite a few of the interior doors have been hung and we like them too!door1

The kitchen and bathroom countertops are in and a lot of the flooring has been put down.  The kitchen sink is in and we love it.


Move in is getting closer….it’s got to be getting closer, right?   

Meanwhile we will enjoy the next couple days of THAW and try to stay out of trouble.  As my Mom said, “Only three more full moons until Spring!”