29 December – Sunny and High of 25°F

We were able to dig our way out of the snow, large thanks to Cowboy Dave for clearing the roads on his tractor Monday afternoon. Once more, the winds really picked up so by Wednesday the roads were completely drifted over again.  Pilot Dave used the builder’s Bobcat to clear multiple times to ensure that Jeremiah the tile guy, the cabinet delivery team, Mike the painter, the construction crew, and the Lowe’s Delivery Truck could make it to the house.  This morning, Pilot Dave is out there again because the winds blew like crazy again last night and all of the snow in Wyoming is now on Stagecoach Springs Road! It is becoming very apparent that in the near future we will need a tractor or an ATV with a blade on it.


Any of you readers that grew up in a cold and snowy climate must remember what it was like playing in the snow as children. I remember in Iowa that it seemed like the snow was always at least up to my waist.  In retrospect, the snow must have seemed so high because I was a little kid.  Well, we have entered into big-kid snow drift territory.  Dave and I walked up the road before he and Cowboy had a chance to clear it, and we were high-stepping all the way.  There were some drifts that I really didn’t know if I would make it across. We walked all the way to the mailboxes and back…. what a workout!  Cross-fit be damned! If you really want to break a sweat spend some time hiking around in the snow drifts and shoveling driveways.  No wonder people in colder climates live longer.


We are extremely pleased with the house progress. Yesterday it was a beehive of activity as cabinets were delivered, Mike the painter finished up, Jeremiah the tile-guy began working on the shower, and the appliances were delivered.

It was such a huge relief to see the cabinets in the freshly painted house. It has been difficult for us to pick things from samples and envision what they will look like in actuality.  Dave and I agree that the cabinets look amazing with the beams and the paint.  We really like the hardware we picked for the drawer pulls and cabinets too! It looks similar to barbed wire but there are no barbs.  (Although barbed wire on the pantry cabinet handles and especially the cookie jar sounds like a good way to diet!)


We also were quite happy with the way the counter tops turned out. They were another big commitment item that we hoped would look good and we love them.  We can’t wait to see them with the floor and the lighting.

This is the last post for 2016. We had an incredible year and are sure that 2017 will be equally as exciting and educational. Thanks, everyone, for reading and we hope you all have a great New Year’s Eve.  We will likely be in bed by 9PM but up early to watch the sunrise and welcome the New Year.


Don’t forget to have fun…and a Happy New Year!