11 November 2016 – Sunny with a high of 57°F

First of all, let me say thank you to all the veteran’s and families of veterans that have given so much to our great nation. God Bless America, and God Bless all of you!

Todd and crew have been busy this week putting up the roof.  There are no glass ceilings here, just heavy brown rigid metal.  We think it looks pretty awesome and it should hold up to the hail that seems to accompany every single thunder storm!

We are not complaining about weather by any means….it has been so warm and sunny that we have been fine wearing short sleeves for most of the day.  When the sun goes down, at about 4:30, it cools off immediately.  Man, we are loving it here.  Some sunrise pics for your enjoyment.

We are also happy now that there is an abundance of bovines  dining in the area outside our perimeter fence.  Yesterday, our neighbor Sheri came by and said it was that time of year to open the gate and let the cows out to our property.  We are leasing that land to her for grazing and have been awaiting the arrival of the herd.  Her son, Allen, brought over a water tank and put it under the hydrant Dave and I put in last spring.  We filled the tank and he put out some salt licks for the critters.  Also, he and Sheri went around and told the neighbors to close up their gates unless they wanted cows in their front yards.

Look out behind you, Dave!!


One funny thing about South Dakota is that you are expected to fence cattle out, rather than fence them in.  If you don’t want cows on your patio or cow pie in your driveway, you are responsible for putting a fence around your house.  They found their way over the hill and across the pasture to their new digs last night, and this morning we awoke to a different sounding alarm clock, “Moo – Moo – Moo – Moo – Moo!”  but this one does not have a snooze alarm.  Ha ha.

We also went over to Sheri’s to see Patrick, the orphan we got to bottle feed this summer.  He is just about ready to be released out into the herd, and he has gotten big and wooly! He’s got his full-blown winter coat on, as do all the cows.  They probably know something about the weather that we do not, and maybe they could go to work for the weather channel.  Mooooo-ve over Al Roker!

Patrick all grown up and wooly!


Meanwhile, we are doing good, staying busy doing this and that, not wanting to start any new big projects until the house is done.  Pilot Dave has been cooking for the construction crew and I get to do the taste testing.  Here are the ribs he did yesterday. 

Well, we hope all is well out there in the real world.  We’ll keep you posted on the Hoten Holler happenings.