17 November 2016 – Winter Storm Warning, Watch, now Advisory

36°F high, snow in the forecast

Maybe our good weather streak has come to an end, as the meteorologists are going bananas over the Winter Storm Warning, which downgraded to a Watch, and then an Advisory in the last few hours.  Regardless of diminishing chances of snow (which we could use because it’s so danged dry!), the temps have definitely dropped.  Yesterday I went running in shorts and a T-shirt, today we are wearing several layers and hiding inside the camper.  ‘Tis the season!

We are super excited to see all the progress the construction crew completed this week on the outside of the house.  The roof is on, the siding complete, soffit and fascia are done!  It looks amazing.front

Dave and I also did some work on the house.  We decided we wanted to stain the timber frames that support the deck.  We also took advantage of the last few days of warm weather and went to work.img_0996

We are counting our blessings this week as we see the progress unfold.  We have had some fun with neighbors working cows and learning the ranch lessons we will need once we get our own cows.  Other than that, we have been prepping the camper for the plummeting temps, draining tanks, insulating what we can, and preparing to conserve energy in case it remains cloudy.

Update – 20 November 2016

Highs in the mid 50’s

It turns out the forecasters and the cows were right about the snow and the temperature drop.  We ended up with a little over an inch of snow on Thursday, but it was really snowing a lot at one point, we could barely see across the road!  Then it got down to 16° on Thursday night.  Brrrrrrr.

Todd and his crew have been hard at it, even working on Saturday.  They put in the steps that go up to the loft and a lot of other ventilation/insulation work.  Thanks, guys!img_0992

Yesterday, Pilot Dave and I went and cut up some bug trees and got two pickup loads of firewood.  Amazing how firewood keeps you warm at least twice; once when you are cutting and stacking it, and twice when you burn it.firewood

Today we are both a little sore, but we are treating ourselves and going out to breakfast in Hot Springs.  There is a little diner there called Dale’s, where it is so very old school country.  They serve coffee in the old white ceramic coffee mugs, and they make really good diner food.  Last time we had biscuits and sausage gravy.  The first time we ate there was in 2013 on one of our trips to look at property and it was full of cowboys and ranchers.  When we walked in, they all looked at us like we were from another planet, as Dale’s is a small town local diner and full of regulars, not tourists.  Maybe they won’t look at us that way today since we are now locals, and it is no longer tourist season!