25 October 2016, Partly cloudy with highs in the lower 60’s

Anyone that has ever lived in the country can attest to the problem of unwanted houseguests…aka…mice.  I thought we could preempt this problem by doing some research.  I read on the internet (so it must be true!) that Irish Spring soap will keep mice at bay.  I put an open bar of the stinky green soap in every compartment I felt could be compromised, and all summer we never had a problem. We also had the to live with the pungent odor of the Irish Spring.  Every time Dave would open the storage compartment he would say, “Smells like a leprechaun in here!”

Shortly after moving out of the campground and away from civilization, we began hearing little scratching noises at night.  Sure enough, we found a hole where the sink water pipe exits the camper and there was definite evidence of intruders! To add insult to injury, we went around and looked at all the bars of Irish Spring and every one had little teeth marks in them; clearly mice think Irish Spring is a delicacy!

That night we loaded up a mouse trap and caught the culprit.  We sealed up the hole with some screen and felt that we had solved our problem.  Several weeks later, more scratching and more evidence of mice!  We found another hole where the heater enters the camper and sealed that one with screen as well.  We also threw a trap in there for good measure and we have caught more than one mouse.

We have tried peppermint packets as deterrent.  These also ended up with little teeth marks….hmmmm. We tried dryer sheets, but haven’t seen any effect.  At least the mice we catch smell Downy Fresh! The problem is likely due to the following:

1.        We live in the country – all neighbors here say this is just part of country living.

2.       We have surrounded the camper with hay bales for insulation – what could be more inviting for mice?

3.       No cat – this will change when we have a real house. 

We definitely appreciate all the feedback on the blog.  We got some interesting advice about picking out commodes!  Again, we are soliciting any suggestions about keeping the mice away!