14 October 2016, Partly Cloudy and 77 degrees

Things are changing rapidly here.  On Tuesday we woke up with a little over an inch of snow on the ground and solar panels.  It got down to 22° that evening, but today, 3 days later, it is going to be 77°.  They are expecting 85° in Rapid City, which is really crazy for this time of year.  We will take it, as long as we are camper living the warmer weather makes everything quite a bit easier.  Fortunately, the 24th of this month we are having our outbuilding put up and we will then park the camper inside of it.  That should help with the colder weather which is inevitably right around the corner.

The house is really coming along as well.  Todd and crew have been diligently putting up soffit, fascia, and timber frames on the western deck.  Once the deck is done, the ceiling can be dried in. 

We also have doors and windows!

Yesterday, the electrician came for the walk through.  Dave and I thought we had a decent plan about outlets and lights, but we were woefully unprepared for all of his questions.  It is difficult trying to make decisions about where all the outlets will go, the light fixtures, ceiling fans, the phone and cable jacks, etc.  Especially since we don’t have furniture (we sold most) and don’t know where it will sit. For example, “Where would you like your floor fixtures in the living room? You should place them near where your lamps on your end tables would go.” Or, “Do you want a lamp over the dining room table?  And where will that be placed?” Dave and I look blankly at each other, both knowing we don’t even know where the sofa will go, never mind we don’t have a sofa yet!  I told Todd I felt like we showed up to class without our homework complete.  He assured us there really is no good way to prepare for this.  So three hours later, walk through complete, we have a good idea of where light switches and everything else will be located.  They started wiring immediately after the walk through, so I hope we chose wisely!

Speaking of unlimited options, we also had to pick out faucets for all the water fixtures this week.  Shower heads, bathroom and kitchen sink faucets, drain caps, bath inserts, and the list goes on and on.  Up next, pick out the toilets…..seriously if anyone has any suggestions on how to pick out a good toilet, please let us know!

Referring to the title of this post, “Unlimited Menu Options”, you should see the number of deer and rabbit we have around here!  This morning I felt like Snow White, surrounded by wild life.  We also herd elk bugling so we hiked up the hill north of the build site and we could see elk off in the distance in the National Forest.  We didn’t see any bulls, but there were several cows and there was lots of bugling.  An elk bugle is not what you would expect it to be.  I would have thought they would sound something like a cow, but they have a high pitch nasally call that really sounds like someone playing an instrument.  It is loud too!  Click the link to listen to what it sounds like:

Elk Bugling

There have been several other cow chasing adventures and great neighborhood events since the last post.  Our neighbor, Kathleen, invited the ‘hood (3 families on Stagecoach Springs) to her house for supper last Saturday night.  She made awesome fried chicken, mac ‘n cheese, green beans and pumpkin cupcakes.  We also drank some pumpkin ale.  When we arrived at her house, Cowboy Dave’s herd was lined up at her back fence waiting for some cake.  We had planned to move them across the street to our property the next morning, but since they were all there and hungry, Cowboy Dave and Pilot Dave grabbed a bucket of cake and walked them across the road.  We have cows on the northern property again, yeah!!

We also helped Cowboy separate some more cows to send to market.  Frosty is the boss cow and while the other two easily came through the gate and down the fence line, she again knew something was up.  If you recall from a past post, Frosty is the 1600 cow that jumped the fence to avoid being herded with the rest of the group.  Well, she was just as feisty this time, and Cowboy Dave, Pilot Dave, Linda, and I ran all over hell’s half acre trying to get that girl to go where she was supposed to go.  Finally, we just let a whole bunch of cows through the gate and separated them closer to the corral.


Frosty’s name is due to the fact that she was born on a very cold winter day.  Her previous owner didn’t know she had been born and by the time he found her, her ears had been frostbitten.  Note her pointy little ears.

Well, that is about it on this front.  Stay tuned for more adventures from the Holler.  We are doing what we can to keep posting.  Thanks for reading!