14-15 September, Cold and Highs in the 40s, followed by lots and lots of rain

Well, we finally did it.  We left Fort Welikit and pulled the Happy Camper out to Hoten Holler.  First we had a going away cookout with the owner and our fellow work campers.


It was a great summer, everyone got along well and we kept the campground running.  Work-camping was a fun experience, but I can’t say we would do it again.  This is mostly because we are hermit crabs and we don’t want to live in a campground….so on to a more secluded location!

 It is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate living in a small space, and we felt we needed to unload some things to lighten the load on the truck (Truck Norris).  We packed up Dave’s ceramic grill, all of our patio furniture, and a cooler full of cookware and canned goods and loaded them up on the awesome trailer we snagged from Iowa a few weeks ago. img_1943

We drove this the 20 miles down to the property and unloaded everything.  It was pretty danged cold on the 14th and we were happy to get done.  We packed the remaining items up on the 15th and brought Happy down to the Holler.  We are so completely grateful that the weather was good and it wasn’t muddy when we traveled.  We had great luck and were able to get set up on the southeast corner of the property.  Thanks, of course, to Cowboy Dave for helping find a great level location and lending us some stumps and blocks to even things out. 

The first night we were here, it rained all night long.  We woke up in a mud pit but were happy that the camper was rock-steady and hadn’t slid in the mud down the hill.  The weather has improved and we are finding our footings (no pun intended).  Thanks for reading!