Thursday, 11 August 2016, Overcast and highs in the mid-70’s followed by lots of sunshine

There has been a lot of progress on the house.  Our builder, Todd, and his crew have been busy framing in the basement.  It is fun watching the progress as the house starts to come together!IMG_1603IMG_1602

With the progress comes lots of decisions.  We have to start picking lots of materials as Todd needs to order them in the near future.  Some things we have to decide:

  •                 Siding, type and color
  •                 Fascia, type and color
  •                 Soffit, type and color
  •                 Gutters, type and color
  •                 Windows, color
  •                 Timber-framing, stained or not stained
  •                 Driveway location
  •                 Kitchen cabinets, drawers, pullouts, cabinets, shape, color, finish, hardware
  •                 Kitchen countertops, type, color
  •                 Kitchen sink, faucets
  •                 Bathroom cabinets, type and finish, faucets, hardware
  •                 Bathroom countertops, sinks
  •                 Roof, material, grade, color

    Pilot Dave looking at siding samples in the Happy Camper

These are all decisions that will affect the overall look of the House of Hoten, so we are trying to be deliberate, practical, and stay within budget.  It can be quite overwhelming since there are thousands of color samples, options, pictures etc. to choose from.  I have joked with the builder that he should just give us two options, and then our decision making process would be streamlined. 

On a separate note, we spent the afternoon sorting cows with Cowboy Dave and Linda.  It is time for the steers to be weaned and then go to auction, so we went out to separate the Mama’s from the babies.  This was quite the adventure, the cows seemed to know something was up and a few were not being very cooperative.  Frosty, the boss cow whose calf is being taken to auction, assessed the situation and decided that she was not interested in being herded toward the barn.  She leaped (all 1600 lbs of her!) over a four-wire barbed wire fence.  She should have been in Rio running the hurdles in the Olympics for Team USA! If we didn’t actually see it, we would not quite believe that enormous bovine could jump the fence….but it worked out because we were able to easily get her calf separated after she left.


After splitting off the 3 steers/calves and two of the Mamas (since Frosty didn’t want to play), Linda drove the mule down the path and Cowboy Dave tossed cake out the back to get the cows to follow up to the corral.  Pilot Dave and I acted as wingmen keeping them from bolting away from the fence line out into the pasture. Some quick maneuvering of gates in the corral and the three steers were penned away from the two mamas.  The Moms were loaded up in the trailer and hauled back up to the pasture with the rest of the herd.  The babies bawled, but were satisfied with some tasty hay served up by the Cowboy.  Another exciting day on the High Lonesome.