Saturday, July 30th, 88° and sunny, then rain, then hail

Dave and I needed a day away from the campground and from building fences so we decided to be tourists and go see some of the sights.  We drove up over Pactola Reservoir, on through Lead (pronounced LEED, not LED) and proceeded up through Spearfish Canyon.


Entering LEAD

Spearfish Canyon was beautiful and we picnicked at Roughlock Falls.




We spent the afternoon driving through the canyon admiring the sights. 


We had beautiful weather and when we got back to Custer, Dave grilled up some chicken thighs and some fresh beats from Linda’s garden….YUMMM!

Chicken Thighs and Beats
Delicious Grilled Beats

Then it hailed, but only a little hail.  Another spectacular Black Hills Day!