24 July, Sunny and highs in the upper 80’s

We haven’t posted very much this week, but we’ve been busy.  You guessed it, more fences and gates!  We installed a gate on the east side of the build site to have access to the trail that crosses the stock dam.  We ran into some pretty sturdy rocks so we rented a jack hammer.  Dave really enjoyed jack hammering……for about 10 seconds.  This was hard work, but there was no way the rocks were going to get us to move the gate.  We wanted it in that spot, and that is where it is!

Jack Hammering!




Thanks again to Cowboy Dave for the tutelage in gate hanging.  We have to say these H’s and the gate look pretty darn good!

We also completed the entrance H’s and are waiting to hang gates until the final grading of the driveway is complete.  Again, they are some mighty fine H’s.

We have a concrete floor now and our walls have been delivered.

The cows are pretty happy up on the northern property.  They got a new Hereford bull this week to replace the renegade Red Butz that escaped a few weeks ago.  They are enjoying their new spot with lots of grass and lots of sunshine.

This weekend is “Gold Discovery Days” in Custer.  There are tons of tourists.  Dave decided to celebrate and dress up as George Armstrong Custer.  He looks just like him, don’t you think?IMG_3702

Just kidding, this isn’t Dave….it’s a local actor who we happened to run into during our daily trip to True Value Hardware to pick up more building supplies for fence and gates.  The local hardware store owners are super nice, and they like to joke with us and are always extremely helpful.  Probably because building this fence is paying for their trip to Hawaii this year.

All is well here in South Dakota, but we are realizing the summer is rapidly coming to a close.  Our plan is to finish the fencing before the end of the month and then focus on collecting fire wood for the winter.  People keep telling us it gets cold here in the winter….