Monday, 11 July – Sunny, WINDY, High of 73°

We both work-camped today.  I worked in the office and Dave did the maintenance shift.  Our friend and neighbor Linda called and said that our other neighbor, Shari, had asked her to feed a calf in the evening as Shari would be working in town.

The calf, Patrick, was a twin.  Unfortunately, his mother did not accept that she had twins and abandoned him, nursing and taking the larger calf but disowning this little guy.  Shari has been bottle feeding the guy morning and night to help him grow into a big healthy steer.  Linda thought it would be fun for us to go help feed him and we agreed.IMG_1458

Something we always say here is, “Never a dull moment on Stagecoach Springs!”  Patrick, although he was hungry, was really afraid of us new smelling city people and decided he did not really want to eat.  Linda knew just what to do….she tailed him, Dave grabbed him around the brisket, and I forced the milk bottle into his little mouth.  One taste and he decided we weren’t so bad.  He sucked down the whole bottle and wanted more.  He started hitting me with his head like he would do to his mama to get more milk.IMG_1459

Thanks Linda for showing us a really sweet part of rural living.  Dave and I really loved Patrick the orphan and seriously considered bringing him back to the camper… that would be an interesting living arrangement!