Rainy, cold, cloudy and 57°…that’s right….57° Fahrenheit!

It is down right chilly here today, and Dave and I are looking at each other thinking, “Holy Cow!  It’s July 1st and the heater is running!”  Strange weather here in the Black Hills, but if you ask any locals strange weather is the normal weather here.  Cowboy Dave says he has seen white on the ground 12 months out of the year, granted sometimes the white was hail stones.  So we will adapt to the changing weather.  It was in the 90s last Friday and here we are in the 50s.  Apparently, South Dakota is infamous for large temperature swings:  http://www.weather.gov/unr/1943-01-22

We were down on the property yesterday, hoping to get some trees trimmed.  We were quite happy to see the work that has been completed on the walk out basement.  Thank you, Greg the excavator!  He made it look like we actually have a front yard.  IMG_1373We also tried to finish putting in posts on the driveway to attach the barbed wire fence to the gate, and we had asked Greg to dig a hole where we kept running into rock.  As you can see, we weren’t exaggerating when we said it was too rocky to dig by hand.


It looks like rubble from WWII!  At least we have a hole now and we will get those H’s finished this weekend if the weather permits.  Then we will string barbed wire.  Never a dull moment at the Hoten Holler Homestead!