Wednesday, 8 June 2016 – Sunny, HOT, Upper 80s

One perk of being a work-camper is that we are issued a VIP card for local businesses.  The idea is that we will visit them and when people come to our campground and ask us what’s fun around here, we can actually tell them.  The VIP card allows us free admission to many places, discounts at restaurants (and wineries!!) and discounts at some of the local shops. 

A local riding outfit, Hollingsworth Horses, offered a free ride to VIP card holders.  My friend and cohort work-camper Vicki wanted to go so we went riding.  This was not a nose-to-tail trail ride, but a really unique experience.  We got to the office and the wrangler, Kristin, went out on the four-wheeler to herd in the horses.  As we stood by the corral we could hear the thundering horse hooves coming up the canyon and then they appeared!  It was a beautiful herd of horses and she corralled them to pick out the best ones for us to ride.Horses 1

horses 2 I got BlackJack, and Vicki got to ride Li’l Darlin (which is a gelding with an ambiguous name!).  Both were very calm and steady.  We were allowed to help tack up the horses and then they took us in the round pen to ride.  The owner, Cowboy Lynn, came in with us and after he decided we could both handle our horses with minimal instruction we were off.  ­­­ Lynn let us ride abeam or in trail, whatever we felt like, and he led us around his 120 acre property.  We rode through meadows, through marshy water, up craggy cliffs and down steep slopes.  His property is in a beautiful valley here in the Black Hills and you will never see grass so green as it is in the summer here.  It’s amazing the horses didn’t just stop and eat….but they were good boys and they took good care of Vicki and me!Jen and Vicki


We had a blast.  Cowboy Lynn was such a good host, not bossy and very informative about the area.  He just let us ride and do as we pleased.  If you like horses and you come visit then this is where we will go to ride!Blackjack