5 June 2016 – Sunny highs in the upper 70s

Neighbor Kathleen and I decided to participate in the Crazy Horse Volksmarch.  I think Volksmarch is German for “Hike up a super steep hill.” The Volksmarch is held only twice a year when the public is allowed to the top of the monument so we thought we would participate in the 6.2 mile hike and get up there and see the view from the top.

Crazy Horse.jpgWe arrived at 0730 and paid our admission which was 3 cans of food donation and $3.  Then we hopped in line and at 8AM proceeded to hike through the forest and trees, down into valleys and finally up the long road to the arm of Crazy Horse.  After 1 hour and six minutes we reached the top.  The view was incredible and the sheer size of this monument is astounding.  Crazy Horse is a work in progress and will likely not be finished in my lifetime.  I wonder what it feels like to undertake such a project.  “Hmmmm, I think I’ll carve that mountain into a historical figure riding a horse….it might take a while but it will probably be pretty cool!”  It is quite impressive and any readers that come visit us in the future will definitely get to see this monument.