Sunny, Calm, Warm, Rainy, Cold, Windy

Today we put the finishing touches on our water hydrant.  Although the 6′ hydrant was connected and buried along side a treated timber we needed some way to keep the cows from using it as a scratching post.  So we dug three holes in a triangle around the hydrant to a depth of about 2′.  Then we put in 8′ treated timber poles, threw in some rock and dirt, tamped the rock and dirt until sturdy.  To add more stability we added two runs of cross boards connecting the three poles.  When we cut off the excess poles we added those in an “X” pattern on top. This ain’t going anywhere!

When we went back up to the High Lonesome for some extra wood screws, Cowboy Dave came across this sign and asked if we should put it on the hydrant.  He added the “S”, fitting if you know Jenny.