Saturday, 21 May 2016, Foggy, Cold and 64°F – barely!

It was so cold and foggy this morning.  We had planned to take advantage of the official opening weekend at Custer State Park and drive through and see what was happening.  We drove South on 87, up through the mountains where we could see nothing from the scenic overlooks because of the fog.  Actually, we were in the clouds and it was eerie and awesome.  As we descended through the southern part of the park on the Wildlife Loop, we could see much better and spotted many bison, antelopes, and some very friendly wild burros.

We were feeling quite adventurous and decided to leave the main road and head south on one of the dirt roads that is much less traveled.  What a treat, we saw so many more buffalo including many Mom and baby pairs right in the road.  We followed the road up a very steep hill and were rewarded with one of the best views either of us has ever seen.  360° of nothing but wilderness, rolling hills and the silhouettes of buffalo on the ridge lines; not another car or human in sight. These pictures do not do the scenery justice, if any of you readers ever get here in person we will have to show you this spot!

After goofing off on the park back roads, we headed down to Hoten Holler to see if we could get the hydrant hooked up, finally.  Reef jumped in the hole and it had dried enough that he was able to shovel out most of the mud and reach the hose.  We used Dawn Dishwashing Soap to lube up the barb and the water line and Reef hammered the fitting into the hose.  He clamped the hose and turned on the water and it works!  We spent the next couple hours packing rocks into the hole and shoveling dirt back in.  This was work, but not as hard as shoveling the dirt out. Hotens – 2, Black Hills Rural Water – 3.  We are gaining.

This hydrant is one of the first of many projects on our homestead list.  Next big project:  barbed wire fence around the driveway and home area.  Of course we finished the day by visiting the High Lonesome where we drank a few beers on the porch and celebrated our victory!