19 May 2016 – Sunny – Finally! – 72°F

Thursday was a beautiful day in Custer, finally, the weather we have been waiting for!  It looks like it will be good for the next 10 days too so we are pretty happy about that. 

We recruited the help of our fellow work campers, Bill and Bill, and drove to our storage unit in Rapid City to retrieve Dave’s smoker, the Kamado Joe, a.k.a. “Dragon.” Dave has been wanting to grill something since we arrived 6 weeks ago, and has been denied the opportunity due to lack of equipment.  Cooking in this small kitchen has become torture to him and he wanted his smoker, so we went and got it!  Thanks to the kind Bills, the four of us were able to load it up into the back of the Tundra and drive it back up the hill to the campground.  We unloaded it into our camp yard and Dave proceeded to grill some hotdogs for lunch.

After a lazy afternoon sitting in the sun, Dave cranked up the dragon to about 450° and baked a sweet potato for an hour.  He then cranked it up even hotter and threw on a ribeye steak.   We had what we call “Death Row Dinner” which is what we would order if it were our last meal.  Salad, sweet potato, ribeye and wine.  



This morning, he is at it again.  He is making artisan bread in a dutch oven….if you’re worried about us up here, I promise we are not starving!