Okay, so we have rural water to the property.  Two water lines actually, one designated for the house and the other for livestock.  The water company, (a name that shall not be mentioned), trenches the 1″ pipe along the road and then about 50′ or so into our property.  The pipe is buried about 6′ down.  Then they install a meter connected to a post in the ground and leave about 10′ of the pipe sticking up out of the ground.  Since we are already paying for the water, even though we have not used a single gallon yet, (I’m hitting the keys very hard now),  we are going to install a 6′ frost free water hydrant so we can use the water we are already paying for.  If you’ve never installed a 6′ hydrant, and I don’t know why you would, let me tell you, digging a six foot hole is a great workout!  Just ask Jen, I’m tired just watching! We hope to finish tomorrow before the rain fills up the hole.


Update: 5-7-16

Added the elbow to the hydrant and put gravel in the bottom of the hole for the drain, then we cut the 1″ pipe and added two clamps to attach the pipe to the brass elbow.  Before attaching the pipe to the hydrant we wanted to turn on the water line to flush it out in case any dirt or debris was in the line so we didn’t clog up the hydrant.  The water company, has installed a “special” valve near the road that turns on and off the water supply so we were not able to flush the line today.  We will have to call them out to the site on Monday to turn on the water, I can’t wait to spend some quality time with them!