4 May 2016-Sunny in the 70’s

Yesterday, Todd stopped by the campground and showed us the building and waste water permits. Later that evening we met him at the build site to stake out the house.  This morning Greg (the guy with the big toys) showed up before 7 and started on our approach, road, and digging out the basement.  We stayed around for most of the day but we didn’t want to hover or be in the way, so we hung out some with Cowboy Dave and Linda. Can’t wait to get back there tomorrow and see what it looks like!

At Cowboy Dave’s, Jen helped Linda plant some onions in her garden.   Then, Cowboy Dave gave us both a lesson in shoring up a fence line.  Jen used pliers and a post jack to pull the old barbed wire fence from the ground, while Pilot Dave went to town with the post cannon, pounding t-posts into the new location.  Now we have an idea of how to do a 3-wire fence but are still polishing our techniques and working on our efficiency!  It was a good lesson in hard farm work, and we are both sore tonight.  I’m sure we will sleep well!





Update:  5-7-16