2 May 2016 – Sunny and 55°F

After a week of snow/sleet and rain we are very happy to see the sun.  We are also happy to have a warm camper to sleep in and keep the pine cones and snow bombs off of our heads! 

Fort Welikit is starting to fill up with campers.  Now that May is here, we imagine it will just get busier and busier.  We cannot help but remark on the interesting people that make up the camping/RV population.  First, there were a few snowbirds passing through just heading back to a northern clime after spending the winter in Arizona.  One couple had two big beautiful dogs in their travel trailer, and the first thing they did after finding their parking spot was to raise the American flag.  They were retirees, he from the dry-wall business, and they happily let me give their dogs some scratches and told me about their adventures.  The lady gave me a book she had finished that a camper in another park had given her.  This is one campground community tradition.  Read a book, put your name and date inside the cover, and pass it on.  Cool!!

Several days later, a single gentleman pulled up in a little Scamp trailer pulled by a Subaru, and the first thing he did was put out the Stars and Stripes on the front of his rig.  The man said he was on day 12 of a 90-day bucket list trip.  He was travelling from Lenore, North Carolina to spend 30 full days travelling around Alaska.  He planned 30 days up, 30 days there, and 30 days back.  His wife didn’t want to spend 90 days in the Scamp and was going to fly to Anchorage and meet him in a few weeks.  He was enjoying his trip and had some great stories about the bad spring weather he experienced driving across the plains.  He spent a few days exploring the lovely Black Hills and he was on his way.


One of our favorite campers so far was a young man from Southern California named Adam.  Adam’s dad drove with him from Orange County and flew home. Adam stayed by himself here in a TENT in the snow for a week while he waited for his slot to join the Hot Shot Tatanka Wild Fire Fighting Unit south of Custer.  He is 21 years old and had never been out of California before this trip. He was super excited start his new career and to go and make his way in the world.  I worried about him freezing in the snow, and we had him come in for dinner one night.  After talking with him we no longer worried about him.  Camping here in a tent in the mountains was his right of passage; his big adventure.  I’m sure it will give him some bragging rights if anyone questions his toughness and commitment to his new occupation.  Wouldn’t you know, the sun came out and it warmed up here the day he was allowed to check into his dorm.  God Speed, Adam!

Yesterday, two other groups of work campers arrived.  We were excited to meet our new co-workers, Bill and Vicki from Massachusetts, and Bill and Sonia from Minnesota.  Both couples are full time RV-ers, and like us, this will be their first work camping experience.  We look forward to getting to know them better and are very happy they are here…..more stories to come we promise!

Meanwhile, we are hoping for excavation on the Hoten Holler Homestead this week.