It’s April in the Black Hills, and if you judge by the reaction of most of the locals, snow is not out of the ordinary this time of year. IMG_1092

Even 7 days of snow in a row, which you can see is the forecast.  Believe me, we are not complaining.  There is nothing quite so beautiful as the big fluffy white stuff weighing down the boughs of the pine trees.  It is peaceful, lovely, and yes, it is cold.  We are happy to be living in the trailer, as there are some hearty souls here that choose to tent camp despite the snow/sleet/rain mix.

Still, there are some adjustments to camper living in the weather.  First of all, when it gets below freezing, the outside hoses must be disconnected to prevent ice freezing the hose and backing up into the piping in the trailer.  So nearly each day, Dave goes out to refill our fresh water tanks to ensure we don’t run out of the water that is normally supplied directly from the campground spigot.  Second, it is imperative to ensure the propane tanks for the heater have some gas in them.  We don’t want to end up freezing in the middle of the night.  Fortunately, as work campers, we get propane at cost and we have two tanks, each lasts several days depending upon how much we use them….this week they have been used quite a bit.  Third, it gets quite messy in a little space going in and out of the snow.  Boots pick up snow and mud, and there is no sidewalk so directly out the door there is no good place to clean them before coming in.  We have a rug to wipe our feet on, but have resorted to putting down plastic bags to place our muddy boots upon when we take them off so we don’t track up the whole place. 

The last and most interesting piece of camping in the snow is how often we get bombed.  Hold on now, I’m not talking about drinking ourselves silly, I’m talking about the constant barrage of snow bombs and the noise they make on the camper roof.  We are really camping in the forest.  The trees surrounding the trailer are tall and green, and they collect a ton of snow.  When the wind starts blowing, that snow falls out of the trees and onto the roof of the camper. The metal roof of the camper makes it sound worse than it is, but it really sounds like we are being attacked with bombs.  We are getting bombed hourly….ha ha.

Dave really must have angered the Snow Gods because as we were getting in his truck this morning, he got snow bombed right on top of his head and down the back of his coat.  I have to admit I laughed a little….but he did too so we are doing good! 

Warm weather is in the forecast too… Thursday!  Ha!