“Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam…..” 

We started off the day with some light work-camping duties.  On the agenda, set up the covered wagon that people rent to camp in here at Fort Welikit.  We put the frame together, strung up the canvasses, and Westward Ho…we have a covered wagon.   It does not look too bad, although we prefer to sleep in the comfort of the Happy Camper. 

Next, since it was our 2-week anniversary of living in said camper, we decided to give it the old spring cleaning.  We did laundry, washed and reorganized dishes, cleaned the bathroom and shower, washed sheets and remade the bed, reorganized the outdoor storage, and finally swept all the dang rocks, dirt, and pine needles out the front door.  The weather was just beautiful today so we opened all the windows and aired out the camper.  It is fresh as a daisy, now!

We planned on doing a short hike around Stockade Lake in Custer State Park, but discovered we would have to pay $20 entrance fee, so instead we just drove through the park where we saw these beautiful and fearless antelopes on the side of the road.

IMG_3034 (1)


 After a few photo ops with the antelope, we continued driving through the park and down Highway 79 to Hot Springs.  It was a gorgeous day for a drive; we returned via Hwy 385 through Wind Cave National Park.  This proved to be a good decision as we saw many bison, some grazing so close to the road that when we pulled up to take a picture, we could have opened the door and given them an ear scratch.  Instead, we just took these pictures….there are many signs along the road warning not to approach the buffalo, and many harrowing tales of people being mauled by these giants.  After seeing them up so close it makes you wonder what is wrong with people that they would feel comfortable enough trying to pet the animals.  They are huge, the size of a Volkswagon…..I mean the Volkswagon Bus!!!


We returned to Fort Welikit and a clean Happy Camper, and had a few beers with the campground manager in our “yard”.  As usual, we watched 5-6 does chomping away in the campground.  We really like our wilderness life.  So far there haven’t been too many other campers but tourist season is coming.