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February 2016

Today we decided on the stove design and color.

Our Ideal Steel Stove Design
This is the design we are going with.
And this is the color we chose, Charcoal.


LED Lighting | Design Solutions | iLumigreen

Source: LED Lighting | Design Solutions | iLumigreen

Final Plans

Todd has finished our floor plans and now he will send them out for bids.


East Elevation

Main Floor

North Elevation

South Elevation

Walkout Basement

West Elevation

We have a place to live during construction!

We are going to work-camp here

Direct Vent Furnaces | Furnace Benefits | Rinnai

Rinnai direct vent wall furnaces offer a range of benefits to heat homes & offices comfortably & efficiently.

This may be an option for supplemental heating.

Source: Direct Vent Furnaces | Furnace Benefits | Rinnai

Timeline Moved Up!

Well we are leaving Florida at the end of March!  We tried to find a decent rental for a couple of months but the places we looked at were not all that great.  Plus, moving all of our stuff into storage here only to move everything out and back into a U-Haul, drive to South Dakota and put back in storage just didn’t seem like a good idea.  So, we are trying to get everything ready and rent the truck on  March 28th, have two full days for loading and then give the house a good cleaning.  Then we close on the house on the 31st and head out of town!

We are looking at the possibility of workamping in Custer this spring through summer.  If you’ve never heard of the term, “workamping”, neither had we.  It turns out lots of campgrounds and RV parks place ads for couples to work a certain amount of hours per week in exchange for full hookups.  The place we are looking at offers free electric, water, cable tv, sewage hookup, and wifi in exchange for 26 hours of work per week, per couple.  So we each work 13 hours and they make sure we have the same days off.  In the height of tourist season the rate is around $40 per night so this is a great opportunity.  We will still have plenty of time to visit the property during construction and help out when Todd lets us.

For now we are searching Craig’s List for a RV in the Rapid City area that’s in our budget.  Once we arrive in South Dakota the first week of April we’ll need a place to stay for a few days in order to get the truck unloaded, find and RV and move it to a location we can stay for several months.

We have a signed contract!

The house has been on the market for a month and on Saturday evening we got an full price offer.  Today both parties signed the contract and we are scheduled to close on March 31st!



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