It’s finally here, 2016!! Woot Woot! Every New Year’s Day we get up and watch the sun rise. This has replaced the traditions from our younger days, which included staying up late on New Year’s Eve and trying to sleep off the party on New Year’s Day. This year January 1 in Milton, Florida was overcast and gray in the morning. We were not dissuaded from being happy though, as we said, “Next year we will be ringing in the New Year from Hoten Holler!”


So here we go. Thanks to the awesomely talented and super nice Leah Tate, we have our house listed on the MLS. We are awaiting a visit from what Leah refers to as the “sign fairy” to drop off the “For Sale” sign early this week. Then comes the fun of keeping the house show-ready at all times. While we are not inherently sloppy, it is an exercise in vigilance keeping your house constantly spotless. This task becomes even more complicated when you throw in a slobbery and shedding Doberman with a penchant for leaving tennis balls everywhere. Nonetheless, we will do what we can to get this house sold and get on down the road!


Here is a link to the listing:  Our house


Wish us luck. We are so grateful for what a wonderful year 2015 was for us. We are extremely blessed with wonderful family and friends. It will be hard to leave Florida because of the people we know and love here, but we keep hearing that song….”Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam…” While we have no idea what to expect, we think all the best life stories start out that way! Here’s to a brand new year!